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Theoretical Physics Thesis


  • BELL - Memory effects in the dynamics of open quantum systems and quantum thermodynamics. Further details.
  • BIOPHYS - Theoretical and computational biophysics: models to study the conformational properties of proteins, nucleic acids and chromosomes. Physics of disordered polymers. Models of molecular evolution. Neural and genetic networks. Models of stochastic dynamics in biological systems. Development of algorithms for molecular simulation.
  • DYNSYSMATH - 1- Anomalous transport properties in deterministic and stochastic systems. 2- Extreme event statistics. 3- Infinite ergodic theory. 4- Quantum systems with continuous singular spectral measures. Further details.
  • FLAG - Quantum Fields of Gravity, Cosmology and Black Holes.
  • GSS - Gauge Theories, Strings and Supergravity.
  • NEUMATT - Models for the phenomenology of Pulsar Glitches: neutron star microscopic properties studies and macroscopic glitches modeling.
  • QUANTUM - 1- Thermoelectric properties of a driven quantum dots. 2- Thermal rectification in quantum spin chains.
  • SFT - Low-Dimensional Systems, Integrable Models and Applications.
  • SPIF - Phenomenology of Weak and Strong Interactions.
  • STRENGTH - Structure and Reactions of Nuclei: towards a global Theory.

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