Particle Physics


Coordinator: Attilio Andreazza
Room: A/4/C6
Phone: +39 02 503 17375
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Scientific activity of the Milano Particle group:

The Milano particle physics group is active on both the high-energy and high-intensity frontiers, respectively in the experiments ATLAS and LHCb at the CERN's Large Hadron Collider. The ATLAS Milano group plays an important role in the liquid argon calorimeter, in the silicon pixel detector, and in the track trigger system of the experiment. In collaboration with the computing centre, it hosts a Tier2 for the LHC data-analysis. Research physics topics include Standard Model measurements (including Higgs boson properties) and search for new physics, particularly the production at the LHC of supersymmetric particles or dark matter. The LHCb Milano group is a leading institution in the construction of the Upstream Tracker, based on silicon strip detectors, and it is active in the data analysis, particularly in the study of CP violation in the decay of hadrons containing b and c quarks. Both research teams are involved in the development of detectors and trigger technologies for the upgrade of existing experiments and for future projects, like the HL-LHC, ILC and CEPC.

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